Easy and Safe Forex Trading

Our software will help you make 24-hour non-stop money through forex

Forex trading easily and profitably
is in your hands

The software that we have developed will make it easier for you to make money through forex.
Even when you are sleeping and on vacation.

Do you know what forex trading is?

Forex ?

Forex trading is trading currencies from different countries. This Forex stands for Foreign Exchange. The principle of online forex trading is basically the same as buying and selling money in Money Changer.

The advantages of forex trading can be obtained from the difference between the purchase price and the selling price. With the latest developments (the Internet), forex trading can be done online anywhere, anytime, only with your laptop or mobile phone.

Virtual Profit Machine (VPM)

VPM is a software that we developed to help you transact easily and safely in the forex world


You don't need to be afraid to transact in forex


Our software will replace your role in analyzing the market and making transactions automatically.


You no longer need to be confused and complicated by constantly glaring at your monitor screen to analyze the market.


Created by trading experts and has been tested for several years.

Get passive income right now

those who are satisfied

"I really need additional income every month, but I am very unfamiliar with how to manually trade in forex, after I introduced trading methods using the auto pilot system (VPM) by GANAWAS, Alhamdulillah I get a routine passive income every month without having to take up my time, even when I sleep I can make a profit. Thank you GANAWAS for helping me get extra income every month "
Tax Consultant
"I joined since September 2018, and Alhamdulillah GANAWAS always monitored and updated my money movements in the meta trader and I have enjoyed and received a yield of 10% each month from VPM rent, and 50% of my total capital has returned within 9 months, without having to worry about monitoring price movements, I can sleep well, work quietly, have a quiet vacation and still receive results, thank you GANAWAS. "
"At first I was confused about what business could be profitable without having to stop working, having followed a business but being deceived, wanting to play in forex but I was afraid of high risk, but friends introduced with VPM Ganawas playing forex without worrying about money going away until now GANAWAS always oversees the movements of the VPM that I rent and every month it produces, Thanks GANAWAS "
Oil Engineer


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