Ganawas is a business entity engaged in the public sector and services specifically related to money markets and other activities.

Vision and mission

  1. Being able to make a tool that has a presentation of advantages over banking and others
  2. Able to make money market automatic transaction tools (applications) that can be used by anyone who uses a moble phone
  3. Able to provide information and training services about world money market knowledge to the public
  4. Publish books related to the knowledge of the world money market
  5. Being able to work with governments, companies, and community organizations, and other educational institutions in the distribution of money market information
  6. Helps distribute the knowledge of buying and selling foreign money to the general public to get additional income in fulfilling people's living needs
  7. It is hoped that the community will be able to create its own work field, to follow increasingly difficult economic conditions and increasing market competition
  8. Helping people who experience confusion in choosing business activities, especially for people who are about to enter an unproductive period.
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