Auto Trading

Auto trading or automatic trading is a strategy used by forex traders by utilizing software algorithms used to trade automatically according to the rules they have set. Anyone can develop an auto trading system, distribute it for free or paid in the form of an Expert Advisor (EA) or trading robot. Thus, auto trading is able to prevent traders from the shortcomings of manual trading which usually requires more time, in-depth knowledge, and is prone to being affected by the effects of trading emotions.

Trading Robot or EA Virtual Profit Machine (VPM)

Robot Trading or EA Virtual Profit Machine (VPM) is a software or computer software consisting of a script programming language that is entered into a metatrader platform that has been set by the author in order to open and close position transactions (buy or sell) automatically. In other words, this Trading Robot or EA Virtual Profit Machine (VPM) can take over the duties of traders in open orders, pending orders, cut loss, trailing stops and close order / taking profit. Traders do not need to worry about ongoing transactions because this EA Virtual Profit Machine (VPM) operates 24 hours for 5 days non-stop and has set the target profit automatically. And using EA Virtual Profit Machine (VPM) will not limit your activities compared to you trading manually, even you will get passive income every month. 

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