1. Account Registration and VPM

To open a trading account must make a payment of at least a 1000 dollar deposit (the amount of Rupiah depends on the exchange rate when you want to deposit) and make a payment for a robots registration of 500 thousand rupiah per trading account.

2. Virtual Private Server (VPS)

In order for the trading robot to be able to make 24-hour transactions, the VPS is needed which is charged a fee of Rp. 80,000 per month.

3. Deposit

After paying the account registration and trading robot payments to the GANAWAS party, then GANAWAS registers and transfers the money to the designated and registered forex company

4. VPM Robot Installation

Robot trading will be paired by GANAWAS to the account that has been registered and in the deposit. We will provide the trading account number and trader password to the client via SMS or WA, the client can monitor the trading account that is owned through the metatrader application that has been downloaded on the mobile.

5. Withdrawal or Fund Withdrawal

After your account has been traded and has gotten 10% profit from the capital, GANAWAS will provide the results of the profit calculation before withdrawing the profit. Withdrawal activities will be carried out by GANAWAS after obtaining approval from the relevant client.

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